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Activities and Projects

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Horse Art Activity
Barbed Wire

The End of the Open Range

The students will understand the issue of cattle drives in the late 19th century. The students will understand the transition to enclosed ranches. They will also explore the innovation that led to the closed range. The students will understand the economic and social impact that the Cattle Trails and Cattle industry had on Texas.

Click here to access The End of the Open Range pdf

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The Cattle Trails

In this lesson, trace the development of the Texas cattle industry, beginning with the first trail drives of the 1850s, and the importance of cattle to Texas during and after the Civil War.

Click here to access the The Cattle Trails pdf

Life on the Trail

Life on the Trail

Students will understand the working parts of cattle drives in the late 19th century. They will also be introduced to working on the trail and cowboys: fact vs fiction. The students will also learn about trail positions and the chuck wagon as well as tools and materials cowboys used to do their work on the trails and later in ranches.

Click here to access the Life on the Trail pdf

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Callin’ the Brand

Branding is a technique that has been used to identify cattle for centuries. Learn the importance of branding as a tool used by the cattle industry. Plus – create your own brand!

Click here to access the Callin’ the Brand pdf

Click here to access a Branding activity pdf

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