On-Campus Programs

The Cattle Raisers Museum provides on-campus educational opportunities for students to experience the historical and present day significance of the cattle industry for Texas, the nation and the world. The presentations at your school begin with the history of the cattle industry and the introduction of cattle into the New World by Spanish explorers; moving on to the arrival of the Anglo-Americans into Texas; the impact of the post-Civil War era on the cattle industry; and the development of the cattle drives and its impact on the economy of Texas. Students will also be introduced to the importance of stewardship in ranching and farming today.

The program presented can be formatted to fit your school event or classroom. Individual or combined classroom settings are welcome. The standard presentation is approximately 40 to 50 minutes but can be adjusted to meet your particular time frame.

The on-campus presentations at your school location are provided at no charge and are offered Monday through Friday throughout the school year. Please submit your appearance request a minimum of seven days prior to the preferred date of presentation.

To request a date or for further information, please contact us at cattleraisersmuseum@gmail.com or call 817-332-8551. When emailing, include your name, school, requested date and contact information.

Children Learning About Cattle Raisers in School